Monday, August 21, 2006

It Came Alive Five Seconds Ago...

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You are here. The door is shut behind you, and we are alone together. I am merely a voice inside of your mind, without body, but sentient and insistent. And you are compelled to listen, because something came alive inside of you approximately five seconds ago. And you ask, in a moment of awkwardness, "Why am I listening to this voice?" You are compelled. You are riveted. Because the voice is truly your own, to the exclusion of all others, and away from what anybody else says or thinks. At this moment, time is suspended, and you are focused only one this one thing. You have become aware that you had almost completely lost touch with your inner voice...the honest and pure voice of your innocence. The true, clear and uncorrupted voice of your childhood. And you are hearing that voice now, without shame, without worry, like a long-lost best friend...but with the tingling feeling of anticipation that heralds a life-changing revelation. Like that sharp tang of ozone in the air right before a summer's storm...that sensation of electricity...

Now you finally strip away all of the noise and chatter and conformity and compromise associated with a life of being directed and dominated by others...a false image of yourself...a convoluted montage of others' expectations and comments about you. Of a life lived where it was considered to be the height of selfishness to think of yourself first. Of a life lived where your dreams and desires were crowded out by the demands imposed upon you by others. Of a life lived where your voice was punished as rebel and traitor. Of a life where your identity was almost stolen from you, and in order to protect it, you hid it, in shame, somewhere deep inside of you...the more you repressed it, the more deeply it hid. But it never died. It waited until today to wake up inside of you. And that is why you are here. And, paradoxically, you haven't lost your mind -- you have, in fact found it. You have rescued your own identity, and now the task ahead of you (and a joyous task it is) is to listen to that voice, encourage that voice and let it tell you who you really are and what you truly want.

You were born with a powerful sense of self, as well as with instincts, intuition, and countless other gifts which have subsequently been stunted or have atrophied because you were taught by others, in their well-intentioned but misguided need to control you, that you could not trust yourself. Well, you can. From this moment forward, you know better.

People lie constantly. We lie to ourselves to the extent that we are unable to understand what we really believe and how we genuinely feel. It is the first challenge of command to FIND OUT WHO YOU ARE by learning to separate your own voice from the other voices in the room. The question is not, "Am I being honest?" The life-and-death question is, "Am I being honest with myself?"

You cannot have power over anything if you are unable to establish power over yourself. You are obligated, in the sacred interest of having an identity -- your singular, unique identity out of all the others in the universe -- to learn to listen to yourself; to question yourself; to be honest with yourself. For how can you set forth an agenda for accomplishment if you are not certain as to who you are and what would make you happy. It is pointless to wander through life aimlessly, and to waste the limited and precious gift of your time here.

Do not squander another minute trapped in a web of lies and self-doubts, impeded at every turn by conflict and fear of disappointing someone whom you've empowered to determine your value. Your value is immeasurable, but greatness will elude you until the moment that you have firmly committed yourself to start listening to yourself and stop lying to yourself. Knowing yourself gives you tremendous power.

The first key to establishing command in your life if to reclaim your honest identity, and your personal power. Now that you know this, you will be constantly checking yourself. And as the voice within you becomes louder and clearer, so to will the decsions which you will begin to make.

And you smile, because it is so obvious, and so refreshingly liberating.

Congratulations on the rebirth of your sovereign Self, and on taking the first pivotal step on the path to Command.


Douglas E. Castle

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