Sunday, August 19, 2007


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Dear Friends:

An emotionally "broken" person is inordinately suggestible. Without any firm conviction about anything, filled with doubt and confusion, emotionally barren and distraught, sensorially-deprived, the subject of an expertly-orchestrated "breakdown" is completely adrift in the rapids, desperate for company, a sense of identity...a need for social connection and communion. Any branch offered will be viewed as salvation for a drowning, helpless and hopeless individual -- even if the branch is covered with thorns or leeches. The operator must be the first to offer to offer a branch to the subject. And the subject will view that branch as a godsend; its provider as a savior. Since all previous beliefs and long-held "truths" have been either eradicated or cast into mortal doubt, the subject feels spiritually empty vessel. That empty vessel, like any vacuum in theory, craves fullness and purpose. Just as fascinating (and significant) is that re-programming will be unopposed by any previous morals, convictions or beliefs.

Re-programming must be done quickly, and definitively. It must be task-oriented, with a mission clearly stated as a command, or as a series of commands. Briefer statements are more powerful. Action-oriented statements, rather than more complex ideological ones, are more readily absorbed. Repetition of the command, followed by requesting the visible and proactive acknowledgement and agreement of the subject (with a vigorous nodding of the head) will embed the programming more deeply. Mission becomes mantra, and the subject becomes a willing instrument of the operator. Simple compliments, such as "Very good!"..."You've done fabulously!"... "You'll be doing a great thing!"...especially if accompanied by friendly physical contact (a clap on the shoulder, or a handshake, with a smile) will further secure the programming. The equivalent of a slave - master relationship implicitly develops.

Military recruits are broken down and re-programmed to follow orders without hesitation or moral judgment in this manner. Political prisoners are made to recant beliefs in this manner. Religious converts are sent on crusades and jihads by this approach. False confessions are obtained from "suspects" by law enforcement officials as a matter of routine, using variations on this method. Fanatical religious and sociopathic cults are built upon this methodology. Contract killers are programmed to believe that they are merely doing a job, and that their victims are not even human beings.

Sadly, the only way to re-program a subject after the insertion and embedding of a new program, if through another breakdown, and re-programming. Most subjects of brainwashing believe that they are doing what they are doing as a result of a voluntary and informed free choice. That makes them all the more difficult to contend with. Subjects are hesitant to believe or accept the information that they have, in fact, been brainwashed, and are victims of mind control. But they are. Reprogrammed persons are deadly instruments in the hands of malevolent operators.

Some common signs of a re-programmed personality include the following: a refusal to entertain objections, questions or alternative views; secretiveness; difficulty maintaining eye contact; frequent time spent alone; a fanatical dedication to certain ideas or dogma; a seeming lack of compassion or engagability in ordinary dialogue or social situations; a loss of a sense of humor; occasional (but extreme) mood swings; and an insensitivity to physical pain. Many of these subjects present apparent symptoms of psychosis, Borderline Personality Disorder; Sadism; Obessive-Compulsive Disorder; extreme sociopathy or psychopathy; an unusually passive attitude (the "zombie" syndrome), and Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome...they have been ravaged and victimized.

These persons may be dangerous to others, and to themselves.

Will will continue our discussion of this topic in Part 3.


Douglas Castle

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


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Dear Friends:

It is a fact: People are fascinated by the subject of brainwashing, and they love to discuss it. This is the first of a three-part series of articles on Brainwashing Basics. These techniques are used, to some extent, by every organization which requires cooperation or obedience of its employees. followers, or soldiers. Sometimes it is employed with great subtlety, and sometimes it is done brutally, depending upon the circumstances and the available time to achieve a behavior modification result. The information which I am about to provide may be used in either one of two ways -- It can be used as an instruction manual or primer to effect change in others (e.g., "subjects"), or it can be used as an early warning system to be able to alert you as to when you are being treated as a subject, and being subjected to brainwashing techniques. I will make no moral judgment here, and the information is ethically neutral...merely provided for educational and entertainment purposes. Remember The Manchurian Candidate?...Jacob's Ladder?.....The Bourne Identity? How about Little Nikita?.....Full Metal Jacket? How about every police show where a suspect is being aggressively questioned in a small room? How about the articles you've read about cults? How about the recruitment of the masses by fundamentalist preachers (whether in madrassas in Afghanistan or in revivalist tents in the U.S. countryside)? Brainwashing, with its uses, and its effects, is everywhere. It is an application of human psychology and physiology.

Brainwashing is a crude and nefarious relative of hypnosis -- the latter is quite benign and voluntary, while the former can be deadly and operates in stealth; often, on many different levels. Brainwashing is an integral component of preparing soldiers for battle, forcing a fanatical religious conversion, obtaining a false confession, of espionage, of a crazed lynch mob, and the mainstay of many abusive slave-master relationships and other unhealthy interpersonal co-dependencies.


For any brainwashing to work, the brain slate must be exposed and wiped clean while susceptible and defenseless. Implanting a new or radical idea must be done when resistance is at a minimum. A breakdown must first be initiated. Here are the common means of accomplishing this:

  • Work on inciting the emotions of insecurity, fear, anger, hatred or excitement. As these emotions are inflamed, judgment is impaired and suggestibility is increased;

  • Use physiological weapons, such as fasting, radical or high-sugar diets, physical discomfort (cramped quarters, extreme cold, electric shock, intense lighting, certain repetitive or frightening noises, et cetera), chanting, uncomfortable exercise postures, or through the use of drugs;

  • Create a sense of timelessness and monotonony;

  • Impose sensory deprivation and isolation;

  • Traumatize the psyche or the body by use of shocking ("disillusioning") information in the form of a series of horrific revelations, or by inducing dizziness and vertigo though blindfolding, hooding and tossing the subject about erratically and unpredictably.

Once an individual has lost all sense of control, all sense of perception and the ability to think reasonably or rationally, he is "broken". The handler's job is to reprogram the broken subject while the subject is still freshly broken. To be continued...


Douglas Castle



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