Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Alpha Signals: Non-Verbal Command Presence

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In order to maintain a commanding presence, and in order to position and posture yourself for control of any potentially violent physical confrontation, and ultimately, for prevention of unnecessary defensive (or pre-emptive violence on your part. This comes under the heading of non-verbal communication, and here that communication is used to send "don't mess with me" signals to individuals who many have some motive for attacking you violently.

I discuss many topics relating to both non-verbal and verbal communications and their uses in teaching, messaging, marketing, and "reading" other individuals in The Sending Signals Blog. You might wish to view it and make it a favorite. I would strongly advise that you do.

A link to a superb audio interview with an expert at Alpha Signals, and who has been a consultant to law enforcement agencies and others in need of avoiding either 1) losing dominance, or 2) being selected as a potential victim. This audio presentation is brief, but very informative and appears courtesy of FightFast.com. It is worth listening to several times in order to achieve a reflexive rapid recall of the material covered.

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Enjoy it:


A truly masterful commander avoids a physical encounter while maintaining the absolute respect of his or her adversaries, would-be attackers, detractors and subordinates. Physical violence should be used only as a last resort -- in situations where there exists a clear and present danger. A skilled commander (or commando) has a powerful intuitive sense of any threat and is always instantly prepared to address the threat.

Stay Safe.

Thank you, as always, for reading me.

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