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Alpha Signals In The Boardroom - Your Stage

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The corporate Boardroom is a stage upon which Alpha Signals are put on display for all in attendance to acknowledge. If you are a leader, commander or the top executive in a boardroom meeting, be mindful that the meeting is partly about the agenda, and largely about you.

The best boardroom configuration is one in which there is a lengthy rectangular highly-polished table, with seats on both sides, and with one seat (the chairperson's) with its back to the window. The door to the room should be (from the perspective of the chairperson's seat) to the right, and as far away from the head of the table as possible. If there is a tray of refreshments, it should either be on a side table, close to the left of the chairperson's seat, or (if that is not possible), close to the chairperson's position at the conference room table, and to the left of his or her seated position so the view of him or her is unobstructed. That is the optimal classic boardroom feng shui.

Some of what follows will be obvious, some of it will be humorous, but all of it is part and parcel of being the alpha person in the boardroom -- and the boardroom, thus configured, is your stage.

You take the following actions to assert (or reassert) your alpha dominance and superiority:

1) Always be the last person to enter the room, when all others are seated and waiting in anticipation;

2) Walk slowly, without a word, to the "power chair" where the sun is at your back, and all must squint or move to see your face;

3) Sit down slowly, and say (unapologetically) "You'll forgive me. Let's begin.";

4) Slant your body to the left slightly so that you are very partially in profile;

5) Do not offer refreshments to anyone. Do not pass the tray, if someone gestures to you or anyone. Let someone else do it;

6) Do not cross your legs;

7) Keep your hands steepled;

8) Do not act as Secretary, or take any notes;

9) If you have an expensive writing tool, you can cradle it in the steeple of your hands, but do not write. If there has been a pad placed in front of each attendee, push yours to your right, and as far away from you as possible;

10) When you are not speaking (which should most of the time, as the attendees are reporting information to you), look each  attendee directly in the eyes, one at a time and without any hurry. Wait until that person meets you gaze with a squint, hold the pose, and move on to another person.

11) The meeting is never, ever over until you say that it is. You end the meeting by saying, hands cradled and either looking up at the ceiling, or behind you, out the window into the distance. "I believe we're finished here. Thank you." Then, after a moment's pause, and without hesitation or answering any questions (as if you were determined and preoccupied with something else), leave abruptly for your office or any other place where you will be inaccessible, and get on the telephone or involved in an activity that no one would feel comfortable interrupting.

Silly? Trite? Obvious? Maybe.

But it works.

Douglas E. Castle for The Taking Command Blog
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