Saturday, May 23, 2015

Leadership: Avoiding Burdensome Bureaucracies -- Douglas E. Castle

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If you choose to lead or are chosen to lead any organization comprised of Human Beings (most are), you will find your ability to achieve objectives encumbered by burdensome bureaucracies. These bureaucracies are a virtual organizational tradition built on the following behaviors and assumptions in groups:

1) the belief that a committee decision will be better than one made by an individual;

2) the "presumption a democratic process" as the righteous route to societal success;

3) excessive delegation of even the simplest of functions in the interest of jobs creation, full employment and a tendency of many managers to surround themselves with Human insulation or gatekeepers;

4) project management configured in a series formation (i.e., where each step is dependent upon a large number of preceding steps) leading to processing and decision making bottlenecks;

5) excessive specialization in tasking.

Bureaucracies grow like cancers in mismanaged companies, governments and organizations unless leadership imposes a culture comprised of performance-based incentives, individual accountability and self-management. In the three-dimensional hierarchical chart of a well-led organization, the picture resembles more of a pyramid than an ever-widening cylinder.

Remember: Bureaucracies are destroyers of focus, momentum and accomplishment. Effective management makes rapid decisions based upon well-vetted information and immediately proceeds to action instead of wading through a quagmire of bureaucratic red tape, political correctness and petty politics.

Sad Example: ISIS is taking more territory and accumulating more assets while the international anti-terrorism alliance is busily "weighing variables". Apparently actions DO speak louder than rhetoric...

Thank you, as always, for reading me.

Douglas E. Castle

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