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Leadership Requires Personal Intensity: Focused Fire.

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In order to maximize his/her effectiveness, a leader or commander must veritably burn with intensity. This is not the same as a display of temper, emotional histrionics or narrow-scope fanaticism. It does not require anger, fist pounding,, chest-thumping or bullying.

Intensity is an authentic, passionate and focused desire to achieve a goal, demonstrated in a sincere, animated and positive fashion.

Without intensity, you are never perceived as being fully credible or capable. You've got to have it in order to lead.

In terms of body language, intensity translates to an upright, straight back, and an alternation between closed eyes (as if envisioning the outcome), and powerfully direct, unflinching eye contact.

The article excerpt which follows appears courtesy of SmartBrief:

4 ways to be a more intense boss
Intensity is a powerful tool for any leader, although it's important to ensure that your focus and commitment don't come across as anger or obsession, writes Art Petty. Authenticity is a vital part of that process, Petty adds. "Your commitment to the mission at hand must come through in your every word, action and during every encounter," he writes. (2/4)


You cannot "act out" intensity very effectively -- people have an innate sense of when someone is truly intense or is merely an actor trying to stir things up, or to get others to do things. To truly achieve command you must absolutely believe in what you are doing, in terms of your methods and goals or you will simply look like a "cult leader wannabe." As a manager, a leader or a commander, you do not have to have people merely believe in you -- you must have them believe in your vision (objective or goal), and you must also have them believe that you TRULY believe in it as well.

People generally view intensity as a measure of energy, devotion, capability and great personal strength.

In fact, in The Taking Command Blog, we like to turn things around to help commanders better understand themselves -- to detach and observe. In the case of intensity, if you do not feel it from within, you are working at something which you not devoted to or in which you do not believe. If you do not feel the emotional fire of intensity at your core, you might stop to re-evaluate your goals and objectives.

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Douglas E. Castle

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