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Observation: All socio-economic phenomena, throughout the course of history, occur in a "wave" or "pendulum" pattern, with the same predictive signs, and same results. It is merely a matter of 1) timing, and 2) the depth and breadth of the socio-economic change. The process is complex, but not chaotic.

To survive the coming storm, it is prudent to become part of a larger, more diverse group of allies, where ideas and abilities complement eachother's, and wherein the synergy of the "mastermind" concept can be brought into effective use. Networking is an obvious beginning, but it must be advanced, rapidly to a state of genuine team-building. In the emerging and transformed world of competitive, struggling free-lance entrepreneurs, belonging to a good business and social organization is an insightful pre-emptive defense.

Thinking and talking about doing this are sensible first steps; but I would caution one and all to accelerate your team-building efforts. Diversify resources, abilities, the aggregate knowledge base, internal fiscal and emotional support systems, and sources of revenue, as well as of other resources.

Unicellular organisms are quite limited in their ability to make adapatations to environmental and circumstantial changes. The megalithic multicellular juggernaughts we refer to as large corporations or as federal or state governments have shown themselves to become wasteful, parasitic and even cancerous if they exceed a certain size or "critical mass".

I feel intuitively that we are at our best when we are in properly-sized, properly-constituted and properly-run groups. Just what is the optimal group size? I do not know.

I will only say this with any degree of certainty: start forming or finding teams. Now. Move. The longer you wait, the less of a chance to join the organization that might be your social and fiscal fortress.


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