Thursday, July 26, 2012

True Leaders Unite Us In Confidence; Conquerors Divide Us In Fear And Ignorance.

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Originally Posted Across Twitter Network: July 24, 2012, 09:50

"True leaders unite us in confidence; conquerors divide us in fear and ignorance." - Douglas E. Castle

In leading people forward to achievement and victory, a true leader demonstrates his courage by being a uniting and inspiring force for those who look up to him. He encourages open collaboration and communication among all of those for whom he is responsible.

A conqueror, afraid of losing his tenuous power, and frightened of divulging his ignorance or inexperience, divides those in his charge, discourages openness and dissent, strives to build walls between groups instead of bridges. He is afraid of truth and transparency, as these would cause the dissipation of his superficial title as "leader."

The difference between a leader and a divider is not unlike the difference between an informed democracy (or a successful organization), and a terrorist organization or regime.

Bullying and bravado will never make up for a lack of true managerial talent. Leaders consistently communicate with and encourage the input of their charges, while hamfisted conquerors put different groups of persons into segregated and isolated compartments.

Ask yourself: "Do I work for great man, or just a frightened child playing "dress up" as a general?"

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