Monday, April 14, 2008

KAIZEN - A life philosophy in the art of Command.

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Dear Readers:

I have borrowed a word from the Japanese which has its principal use in martial arts. I find that it is applicable in being successful in any field.
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* The Japanese word, “Kaizen” basically translates to the path of constant and never- ending improvement.

* The results are amazing when it comes to personal development and even business success once you understand it and put it into action. The true foundation of Kaizen or constant and never-ending improvement begins with precise and specific target selection. The successful warrior is very precise in words, actions and deeds. Everything matters!

* Although success begins with precise and specific goal -setting and action plans, that is just the beginning...... it is the daily ability to implement specific actions that truly separates the successful person from the others. As a beginner, it looks like an impossible task to master the skills that are required to earn the rank of black belt or create a million dollar company from a mere idea. Yet, success is achieved one step at a time as the individual tries to learn and improve. There, under the watchful eye of his mentor and fellow mastermind members, he slowly is transformed into a person deserving of the success that he desires.

* The modern warrior or businessman always knows where he is and where he is going at all times. Since we live in a rapidly changing world, our targets are constantly moving. A wise objective today may be a fool's goal tomorrow -- so it is imperative that one re-evaluates the circumstances and constraints with regard to one's objectives on an ongoing basis. Objectives can change; and the means of obtaining objectives is also subject to change. A warrior makes constant observations and constant adjustments.

* While a martial artist works at being able to generate extreme force on specific targets for maximum effect, it is the target selection process that is constantly changing as openings and opportunities presents themselves and disappear on an on-going and fluid basis. We quickly learn that perfect accuracy on the wrong target is a waste of skill and resources.
The warrior constantly updates objectives and targets based on constantly changing information.

* In business, the market is constantly changing and it is the savvy entrepreneur that is aware of those changes and moves quickly -- who invariably reaps the rewards.

* At the time of this writing, in the real estate investment world, the media is railing on about doom and gloom, how we are heading into a recession and even that the "sky is falling", if only a chunk at a time. Members of our inner circle know that now is the time to be buying; and they are using creative strategies to control as much real estate as they can while the prices are deflated. Those of us who have lived long enough understand that the economy runs in cycles. The key is to recognize this fact, and use it to one's advantage. This advantage is increased significantly because of the fact that many other people in the competitive marketplace are so immersed in the tragedy of the present that they lose their perspective of the cyclic nature of things, and panic. Panic is a tremendous negotiating and decisionmaking disadvantage. In war, my adversary's disadvantage operates to my advantage.

* Everyone knows that buying low and selling high is a very successful strategy, and yet 80% of the population listens obsessively to all of the negative information out there, never taking intelligent action until it is too late. By being innovative and seeing every challenge as an opportunity for achievement and a path for future growth, the modern warrior is “future-thinking”, and never looks back, except to recall a lesson learned.

*Living on the cutting edge of creativity, and using positive, active growth tactics bring his future to him as he has already determined it should be through proactive strategic planning and implementation.

* It is the daily improvements that are achieved by reading the right books, attending the right seminars, and listening to the right mentors which separate those who will achieve more in a short time from those countless others will ever achieve given an entire lifetime.

* Whether your goal is to achieve a black belt in the martial arts, become a black belt business owner, or a black belt real estate investor, the process is the same. Determine all the criteria you need in order to be the best in your chosen arena, and consistently keep adding the specialized knowledge and sharpening the skill sets needed in order to be in the top 10% of that group.

*****Consistently and diligently performing these daily steps toward achieving those skills, and your ultimate goal (whatever that goal may be) is what Kaizen is truly about.*****




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