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There are times where you either have to defend yourself, or intervene to save the life of a loved one. If these circumstances are extreme, and there is a clear and imminent danger to life and limb, these are simple but incredibly powerful moves to get out a dangerous physical situation safely.

These techniques are all time-tested and are used by Special Ops commandos, the Secret Service, bodyguards and members of many law enforcement agencies. These are people who do not have the luxury of working toward attaining a black belt (sensei or sifu) in any organized, recognized martial arts system. These moves can be mastered instantly, with minimal practice, and rely on simple "muscle memory" to become memorable and accessible.

This feed is brought to us through, and is co-sponsored by The Taking Command Blog, Global Edge Technologies Group LLC, The Daily Burst Of Brilliance Blog and by my Headmaster and instructor, U.S. Martial Arts Hall Of Fame Inductee, Soke Joseph Droual. You can lean more about Soke Joseph by viewing his website at New York Martial Arts. I was blessed to have been trained by him. Joseph is now heading a program titled "NO MORE VICTIMS" which will soon make its appearance on the CrowdFunding Incubator website.

These techniques were all designed to be used in self defense against would-be attackers and physically menacing bullies. Never use them for any other purpose.

Douglas E. Castle


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