Wednesday, November 26, 2008

MISDIRECTION AND DISTRACTION - Reprinted from the IEP Yahoo! Group (click this title to join)

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Dear Friends:

INTERNAL ENERGY PLUS requires an understanding of the vagaries (quirks) of the Human mind. The trick is to recognize them in ourselves, and to positively exploit them in getting others to do what we require of them.

Two of my favorites are misdirection and distraction. Law enforcement officials use them, as do military, negotiators, clever criminals and even precocious children.

Go to HUMANITAS MAXIMUS at, and read today's post for one of the best illustrative examples I've heard in ages.

Faithfully, and in Thanksgiving,

Douglas Castle

p.s. If you have any humorous stories about misdirection and distraction, please post them! You can always send your posts to INTERNAL_ENERGY_PLUS@yahoo.groups. If you have a problem doing this, then perhaps you are not a member. That can be resolved (cost-free) by clicking on and pressing the "JOIN" button. That was easy!


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