Thursday, March 26, 2009


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Dear Friends:

I have often heard it said that "desperate times require desperate measures." People do things out of desperation (or out of a sense of desperation) which they often regret afterwards. It would be a blessing, in this life, to never react to circumstances, real or perceived, in a desperate way.

Too many of us are inveterate "reactives," and are no longer pro-active. This makes for a constant sensation of living in a maelstrom...of running and hiding, of being thrown from one crisis into the next...the horrible feeling of being helpless and losing ground.

A powerfully transformative exercise is to visualize that the worst has already happened, and to take on the attitude of serene (almost post-mortem!) detachment that comes to us in the aftershock before taking action. For most of us, this would be amazingly liberating.

In the movies, the fellow on the wrong end of the gun relishes those precious moments before the hammer of death strikes to confront and belittle his executioner. This type of "laughter in the face of death" is exhilarating. We should try our level best to live in that moment of clever parting words instead of crying and begging.

Desperation brings about crying and begging. A psychic reconciliation with the worst that could happen is intoxicating and empowering... and it beats the hell out of desperation any day. A reconciliation with the worst brings out the victorious, wise-cracking smartass in all of us.

You can not act out of desperation and be a hero. In fact, you cannot act out of desperation and feel any sense of power or control. Desperation is a waste of spirit, and waste of the opportunities which otherwise abound in life.


Douglas Castle
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