Monday, September 20, 2010

The Entrepreneurial Trinity - Competence, Trustworthiness and Initiative.

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"The Entrepreneur's Trinity:
Competence. Trustworthiness. Initiative.
Look for partners and teammates with these virtues, and win." - Douglas Castle 

Don't waste time trying to convert, coax, cajole and persuade people to partner with you or to join your team who do not possess all three of these key attributes. These are the raw material required, at minimum, to build business and to generate progress.

If you work with people who are lacking in any of these areas, you will find yourself working harder and achieving much less.

Again (join in the chant): Competence. Trustworthiness. Initiative.

Maximize your achievements by leveraging the Trinity. Anything less is less than satisfactory and less than what you need to accomplish great things in life. Don't recruit robots or sycophants -- recruit individuals who are better than you are at the skills for which they are demanded.

Always get the best.


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