Monday, February 20, 2012

Leadership: Educating Your Employees Is Crucial

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One of your jobs as a leader, a general, or any type of commander is to set a living example for others to admire and follow -- free of hypocrisy and inconsistencies. Another one, which is every bit as important, is for you to be an educator. You must invest time in helping your charges, followers or team members to develop their respective skill sets in every important aspect. You are a teacher, a trainer and a coach.

 The areas that are generally most important to educate those for whom you are responsible are these (not listed in any particular order:

1) The importance of clarity, precision and timeliness in communications;

2) Dispute resolution and compromise;

3) Decision-making skills. Building these crucial skills amongst your employees or troops helps them to resolve more of their own issues, and helps start them along the path to be leaders themselves.

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  • How to cope with workers who act like toddlers When workers act out and get into childish fights, their bosses need to provide some adult supervision, writes Roberta Matuson. That doesn't mean putting them in timeout, but instead helping them find ways to act more maturely. "A strong leader gives employees the tools needed to resolve conflict situations on their own, rather than continuously playing the role of referee," Matuson writes. Expert Blog

As a leader, the better you are as an educator of those who are answerable to you, the more effective you can be at accomplishing your most crucial objectives. By educating your employees, troops or team members, you are investing the development of a more-efficient, smoother-running operation.

The best leaders, help prepare their future peers and successors.  

Douglas E. Castle for the Taking Command Blog.

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by Douglas E Castle

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