Thursday, November 06, 2014

Being Judged By Our Leaders -- By Douglas E. Castle

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 Being Judged By Our Leaders
Originally Published In The TAKING COMMAND! Blog

We tend to judge an entire organization, its culture, its integrity and its success prospects by our assessment of its leader, and his or her perceived quality. Leaders, and their personalities are part of branding.

An organization, whether commercial or governmental, will be judged by its most visible and highest-ranking leaders and commanders. Just as the legendary Steve Jobs was able to keep Apple's stock flying high, the recent mid-term elections were an example of the opposite case -- where the voters repudiated the entire Democratic Party because their leader and highest-ranking member, Barack Obama has failed as leader and a manager.

A harsh judgement, perhaps, but entire organizations are still seen by people as being represented in one person -- the leader. And if the leader doesn't inspire confidence in employees, shareholders, consumers, and, in this case, voters, the entire organization will be negatively impacted on multiple fronts.

Pundits in the executive leadership development field advise me that "the actions and appearance of a company's highest-ranking publicly-seen individual are as important as the financial or stock performance of the organization."

In sum, the leader of any organization must be chosen carefully, as he or she will actually become inextricably interwoven with the branding and ratings of the enterprise which he or she heads.

Douglas E. Castle

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