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Social Media: Self Promotion vs. Self Destruction

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Social Media: Self Promotion vs. Self Destruction

Futurist, Internationalist and Author Douglas Castle Showcases Brenda Krueger Huffman as an invaluable informational resource.

Dear Friends:

Most of us utilize social media as a communication or news-gathering medium.

It is wonderful to have ideals. From our dreams, future reality is crafted. I am not opposed to dreaming. But I would advise that you carefully tread the line between dreams and a denial of reality as it exists in our World. I have been quoted as saying that "George Orwell was an optimist." I have also been quoted as saying that John, while writing the Book of Revelations during his inspiring but unsettling imprisonment, was  not so much a religious scribe as a student of Human Behavioral Psychology.

Before delving further into this discussion, realize the following facts, and think about their implications. While this may be unsettling news to many of us, that contingent of us which is considered to be paranoic will feel a bit vindicated. As my late father once said, "Being paranoid is not always crazy. Sometimes some people are really out to get you."

1. There is no such thing as "off the record." If someone hears (or overhears, or reads) your comments, they will invariably divulge what they know given a careless moment, coercion or compensation. As Delilah asked of her disillusioned shorn spouse, "How could you give me power and not expect me to use it?"

2. All telephone calls, computer keystrokes, emails, website surfing lists, faxes and other wire-transmitted, web-based or hard drive-stored information is accessible to numerous government agencies and private parties. All of it.

3. There is no longer any such thing as a privileged relationship between a congregant and his/her priest, lawyer or other person. All persons can be induced, by law, or by other means to testify.

4. When you fill out confidentiality forms at healthcare institutions and other sanctified places, the forms you sign are all subject to legal seizure, subpoena, or illegal inspection.

5. When you give any online (or other vendors), financial institutions, governmnet agencies your Social Security Number or other unnecessary personal identification information (which they claim is necessary, but can't explain why), odds are greater than 1 in 50 that you identity will be compromised through either direct abuse, or by sale to a third party who likes to buy things which you wouldn't ordinarily buy.

Having said this, remember that whatever you place on the internet, regardless of your privacy settings, can be accessed. if you put up pictures of yourself in compromising poses, or make some irresponsible statements, a prospective employer or partner can (and likely will find them) -- and thus your chances of getting hired will likely be greatly diminished.

If you use social media (and even texting) during business hours, it is likely that you are being monitored. The best way to contend with this lack of privacy is to be either A) silent; or B) honest but avoid incendiary, suggestive or insulting language (especially about your place of employment or about your incompetent, overbearing, flatulent and debaucherous boss); or C) use the social media to plant communications that you would want others to tap into which could serve your the old days, when I rode a bike with training wheels, we called this "counter-espionage."

Brenda Krueger Huffman, a colleague and a Featured Columnist in The National Networker Newsletter writes her own blog, and I am a fan. I would suggest that you subscribe to Brenda's Blog (which is loaded with real-world, no-holds-barred insights) and to The National Networker Newsletter and its related GICBC at http://bit/ly/JoinTNNW .

The following content was excerpted from a recent issue of Brenda's Blog ( ). I would suggest that you read it. On a regular basis.

Brenda's Blog

Posted: 21 Feb 2010 03:00 AM PST
I have written several articles regarding social networking and privacy with particular emphasis on how it relates to interviewing for a job in today's employment environment.  I've also written several articles regarding the importance of an online presence in competing well in today's business world.  A balance of the two is needed as well as just plain common sense!

I am a member of the group Law & Social Networking.  I wanted to share this most important L&S blog post with you written by Shalanda Ballard titled "Social Networking Can Get You Fired".  Article Link

Thank you, Brenda. And thank you for joining our GICBC at The National Networker Companies - your insights and information are an invaluable resource for all who are fortunate enough to tune in.


Douglas Castle

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