Sunday, April 10, 2011

Command: Who Rules The World...And How? Douglas Castle, Speaking Plainly.

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Command: "Who Rules The World...And How?" Douglas Castle, Speaking Plainly.

Dear Readers, Leaders, Commanders and Frustrated (But Bold) Realists:

I am neither making a moral judgment nor a poitical statement in this article. I am merely speaking the truth, as I know it, in its succinct essence.

The actual question, at the start, is "What controls the world?" There are several forces at work in answer to that question:

1) The Laws of Physics;
2) The Laws of Human Physiology;
3) The Tendencies of Behavioral Psychology (i.e., fear, greed, lust, hunger and many others);
4) Financial Strength;
5) Superior Weaponry.

The persons (and there are a shockingly small number of them at the top of the pyramidal heirarchy which controls the world) are those who command and understand the five things listed above. The recipe for the "control cocktail" is a mixture of knowledge, finances and armament.

These persons exploit the thin veneer of civilization and propagandized morality in order to master their unprepared quarry (most of us), who live in a hypnotized sort of state of denial seasoned with a fair dose of escapism. Ironically, these persons would be seen or categorized by most of us (at least initially) as amoral and sociopathic. They may indeed be -- but they have the advantages of having no romantic delusions to interfere with their carrying out of their actions.

And we fear them most of all because we know that we cannot appeal to their Humanity (with its mercy, charity, reason, et cetera), because an increasing number of us have come to the realization that "Humanity" as it is envisioned, is a multigenerationally promulgated and embellished fiction. Wishful thinking does not prepare you for batttle with real adversaries, real weapons and genuine intent to use them.

Let's stop speaking of this. I find it frighteneing.


Douglas Castle

p.s. There are times when I believe that Machiavelli was a gentle optimist...

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