Friday, March 09, 2012

The GREATEST LEADERS - Caring For Their Charges

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The greatest leaders are not merely the best commanders, the ones who lead the battle charge, or the ones who consistently force others to do their will. These acts are merely the most obvious external evidence of leadership - to set an empowering, inspiring example for all of those persons in your charge.

The more subtle aspect of true, bonding and lasting leadership is one based on mutuality. A leader is a father or mother figure...not just a warrior or a person brave of heart and unwavering in conviction. A leader must provide for his followers. He must give them not only confidence in his ability to lead, but in his genuine caring for those in his or her charge.

A leader, in brief, provides for his followers, and sees to their minimum necessary comfort and security. A commander of legendary quality is a keeper of promises and not a maker of excuses

To truly be great, you can never lose site of the fact that you are responsible for your troops, your employees, your followers: they must have confidence that you would put yourself at risk to carry them to safety -- that you would provide for their basic needs and the bread in their mouths -- that you would serve them as they have served you.

The best of all leaders is not only courageous - but he takes care of his or her troops, whether it's finding shelter, foraging for food, or carrying out the last wishes of the dying person in your arms who just gave his or her life in your service.

A leader is an adult with awesome responsibility for every one of those in his or her charge. Anything less is not leadership -- it is merely the exertion of control through a combination of charisma and fear. 

Douglas E Castle for The TAKING COMMAND Blog


by Douglas E Castle

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