Monday, July 22, 2013

Stay Big, Play Big And Be Above The Law (Or Create The Law)

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The chaps at Goldman Sachs ("Doing God's work on Wall Street!"), the type of amoral gluttons who helped destroy the credibility in the capital markets, radically play price manipulation betting games which kicked consumer prices way up high, have gotten themselves a fine, respectable well-paying engagement. It might have less to do with their expertise than with with their enviable and undeniable influence with every branch of the United States government. Read, and understand about the power that these players have... it makes a Commander a bit envious -- especially if he grew up under the myth of the "merit system":

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Sources: Charter hires Goldman Sachs to explore deal with Time Warner Cable
Charter Communications is said to have retained Goldman Sachs to structure a deal to acquire Time Warner Cable. The latter reportedly turned down an unofficial bid two months ago that didn't include a premium. "Malone has clearly thrown down the gauntlet," said Paul Sweeney, an analyst at Bloomberg Industries. "He believes the cable industry needs further consolidation." Bloomberg Businessweek (7/18)

The bottom line as I see it here at the helm of The Taking Command Blog, is that if you want to be powerful beyond all possibility, one of your target objectives must be to either be beloved to someone at every regulatory agency, branch of government, law firm (on retainers, of course) and some of the highest ranking officials in the military, or know their most career-crushing secrets (and have the evidence at several locations. It's frightening how positive and negative reinforcements work together so perfectly.

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