Thursday, January 13, 2011

2 Rules To Living A Much Better Life - Daily Burst Of Brilliance .001

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2 Rules To Living A Much Better Life Dear Friends and Worthy Opponents: My unsolicited advice to everyone (without exceptions or exclusions), includes 2 Rules To Living A Much Better Life. Learn and follow these simple suggestions, and you will enjoy a happier, much more productive life. Fail to learn and follow these suggestions at your own peril. 1) If you have a conflict or an issue with a person, take the time to communicate with that person directly, and do not operate through agents, gossip, or third parties. Communicate your own message directly to the person with whom you have a conflict or issue, and it is likely that either a) the issue can be resolved quickly, or, b) if this is not possible, you can begin to plan for the best alternative while preparing  for the worst from the person whom you've confronted. Your most critical communications in life will be thoses that are one-to-one and direct; 2) Do not say anything to anyone which you would not want the entire world to know about, or to have attributed to you as the one who said it. Odds are that backbiting, insults and other "off-color" things which you say about someone else in "in private" will be repeated to some other party or parties at some time. When you speak, pretend that the videos are rolling, the microphones are on, and that the van parked halfway down your block is loaded with people from some secret government agency, monitoring your words and actions in the process of collecting testimony to use against you. This is not is pragmatism. You can sign your own conviction, death warrant or epitaph by having your words heard or repeated to a third party in a different context. Do not be caught in a lie, or get yourself branded as a whiner, a snitch or a bigot. Two added advantages are that it is a) easiest to remember the truth and what you actually did and said, and b) you can never, ever be surprised by anyone using your own words or actions against you. Best of all, living by these two rules will assure that you will always be thinking and speaking with sincerity, clarity and accountability. Everything in life is "on the record." Faithfully, Douglas Castle
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